Justice League Doom title card

Title card for the movie.

Justice League: Doom is an upcoming DC Universe Animated Original Movie set to be released in early 2012. It is an adaptation of the Justice League of America story arc, JLA: Tower of Babel.

The script was adapted and written by Dwayne McDuffie right before his death in February 2011.

Plot Edit

Cast Edit

Voice actor Character
Tim Daly Superman
Kevin Conroy Batman
Susan Eisenberg Wonder Woman
Michael Rosenbaum The Flash
Carl Lumbly Martian Manhunter
Nathan Fillion Green Lantern
Phil Morris Vandal Savage
Olivia d'Abo Star Saphire
Alexis Denisof Mirror Master
David Kaufman Jimmy Olsen
Bumper Robinson Cyborg
Carlos Alazraqui Bane
Paul Blackthorne Metallo
Claudia Black Cheetah
Grey DeLisle Queen of the Royal Flush Gang



It is revealed about halfway through the film that the Justice League Watchtower which is utilized in this film is exactly the same as the base which made its debut in the film Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths (this particular design's only appearance). Through this simple fact, along with many similar character designs and even main musical themes, can lead one to believe that these two films take place in the same universe.

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